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*** NOTICE ***


I reserve  the right to refuse to sell to

anyone I feel will not provide a

responsible and loving home to

my babies.

I DO NOT sell to Brokers, Puppy Mills,

Or Pet Shops.

Check here: I will announce a date at that time.

Please also consider adoption from the Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network. Click Here





"Until one has been loved by a Bulldog, part of your soul remains unawakened"


I love my Bulldogs! From their scrunched up face to their stubby little tail.

On this page I'll describe them and their special place in my life.

Also my Champion Line Males and Females.

I only use Professional Veternaries that specialize in the care of Bulldogs.    

I use

Shively Animal Clinic  & Hospital, P.S.C. located in Louisville, KY.


 I take great pride in breeding only the best.  

 I strive for the betterment of the breed by selective breeding to breed out genetic defects giving you the best quality Bullies available.

Award for



Visit Shively Animal Clinic & Hospital here.


My Top Breeding Males
is "LIN'S HIGH CALIBER HARLEY".  "LIN'S HIGH CALIBER HOSS" AND "LIN'S HIGH CALIBER LIL JOE".  (Hoss & Joe are son's of Harley) There are 25 total number of champions in 6 Generation Pedigree.

My Studs can be seen on my Males page.
Lin's high Caliber Harley is the
 grandson of Hall of Fame CH. Cherokee Legend Pretty Boy
greatgrandson of Hall of Fame CH. 'BEULAHLAND'S INCRED'BL STORMI aka STORMI.

#4 Bulldog 2002.

#1 Stud Dog 2002 Nationals Week.

Hall of Fame 2008

Sire Of:

Ch. Stormi's Tulsa Katie Barr, 2003 BCA National BOS Winner

Ch. Lakewood's Dot's Alottabull

Ch. Stormi's Thunderboomer

Ch. Stormi's Ragtime Showgirl

Ch. Rosbrgh's Storm Searcher

Ch. Rosbrgh's Storm Hunter

Ch. Rosbrgh's Stormin Margo

Ch. Rosbrgh's Stormi Treasure

Ch. Rosbrgh's Sno-Storm

Ch. Boosdivine YaYa of Kaloo

Thailand's #2 Bulldog 2003 Ch. Millcoats Jorge

Ch. Magic's Dreamcatcher
This is Stormi's 10th US Champion over Memorial wk-end 2008, making him eligible for the Bulldog Club of America Hall of Fame as the sire of 10 champions!

since then

Ch. Magic Stormi's Copy Cat


Stud service is subject to stud owner’s approval of bitch at the discretion of the stud owner.  All transactions are between stud owner and owner of the bitch.
 Harley, Lil Joe and Hoss has a great personality and  temperment.  They have no skin, eye, nares or hip problems.   Averg weight around 56 lbs.    Is AKC Registered.
Once you are owned by a Bullog you will want nothing else. Jogging partner they are not but will help you hold down the couch.  Best all around family companion. My fur-kids is my love and my family.  Unlike your usual breed a Bulldog does stand by their name and can be bull-headed but how can you say no to a face like that.
 The English bulldog plays the part of looking tough and bad, but in all actuality they are loving and sweet. The English bulldog is most recognized for their silly behavior and loving demeanor. Their best trait is definitely "personality". They are not very active, but at the same time, have excellent guarding abilities. English bulldogs are very affectionate and dependable, but known for their courage. Bullheaded and determined, this breed can be very persistent. English bulldogs will do anything too get your attention and make you smile.



A breeder is one who thirsts for knowledge and never really knows it all and doesn't pretend she does... One who wrestles with decisions of conscience, convenience and commitment...

A Breeder is one who sacrifices personal interests, finances, time, fancy furniture and deep pile carpeting. She gives up the dreams of a long, luxurious vacation in favor of turning that spare room into a wonderful puppy room... besides, who would watch the dogs while she was gone.

She goes without sleep (but never without coffee!) in hours spent planning a breeding or watching anxiously over the birth process and afterwards, over every little sneeze, wiggle or cry...

She skips dinner parties because that litter is due or the babies have to be fed at eight...

She disregards birth fluids and does mouth to mouth to save a gasping new-born, literally blowing life into a tiny, helpless creature that she knows will fulfill someone's dreams...

Her lap is a marvelous place where generations of happy, healthy and much adored fur babies have snoozed... And still do...

Her hands are strong and firm, but ever so gentle and sensitive to the thrusts of a puppy's wet nose...

Her back and knees are usually arthritic from stooping, bending and sitting in the birthing box, but are strong enough to enable her to play on the floor with that rascally bunch at 5 weeks old...

Her shoulders are stooped and often heaped with abuse from unkind words of those who don't understand, but they're wide enough to support the weight of a thousand "Thank You's" from happy new families...

Her arms are always able to wield a mop, support an armful of puppies or lend a helping hand to a newcomer...but can't hold grudges or hold onto unpleasant ridicule...

Her ears are wondrous things, sometimes red (from being talked about) or strangely shaped (from being pressed against a phone receiver,) yet always fine-tuned to the whimper of a sick puppy or the distant rain that urges her to get the fur babies in from the upcoming bad weather...

Her eyes may be blurred from Pedigree Research, but they are ever so keen to what a healthy happy puppy looks and acts like...

Her brain is sometimes foggy on faces, but it can recall how many were in a litter four years ago that produced a certain puppy... It's so full of knowledge that it sometimes blows a fuse: it catalogues thousands of colors, sizes and perfect temperaments...

Her heart is sometimes broken but it beats strongly with hope everlasting...and it's always in the right place!

Oh, yes, there are Breeders, and then, there are BREEDERS!

Why Does My Bulldog Smell? (click here)


English Bulldogs are the only breed I have ever raised. I am a member of The Bulldog Club Of America. I don't have litters often so check my puppies for sale page to see if I have a litter available now or puppies on the way.  I am a professional Hobby breeder, not a pet store, puppy farm, or broker. I do not buy or import pups for resale for a profit. I breed for quality, healthy, puppies not quantity. I truly adore and love  English Bulldogs and have 11 years experience with the breed. I live with my bullies and my pups are raised in the house with plenty of love, socialization and attention. 

Is a Bulldog For You?
The first thing that should be considered when looking at the Bulldog breed is what you will expect from your canine companion. 

If you're looking for a dog that will take a 10 mile hike with you, swim across the lake, go on field trips in 99 degree weather, jump over high obstacles, or locate and retrieve game, a Bulldog is not the best choice for you.  However, they do a great job of locating T-bone steaks out on the grill!

Bulldogs, for the most part, are laid back, smooth and easy going.  The heat is the Bulldog's worst enemy.  An air-conditioned home is required if you live anywhere that summer temperatures get above the mid 80's.  They tolerate cold weather well, within reason of course. Bulldogs love going for rides in the car, and sleeping at the foot of your bed, on the couch or in the easy-chair.  They must have plenty of love and socialization, and will offer you the same in return. 

Bulldogs are very alert, even when they appear to be sleeping.  They can rise quickly if all is not well!  Bulldogs will generally get along well with children, other pets and people.  They seem to enjoy being part of the family.  The Bulldog is a breed that holds its "beauty" as a puppy and as an adult.  Many dogs look cute as puppies, but lose some physical appeal as they mature.  The Bulldog looks great at any age!  They are by no means considered a guard dog.  They will, however, protect the people they love and will offer some security.

The Bulldog is a medium-sized breed and belongs to the Non-Sporting group of dog breeds.  They do well in a home or apartment setting.  Bulldogs have a short-haired coat and do shed some, but the shedding will be less of a nuisance with regular brushing.   The folds and wrinkles of the face should receive daily care.  It is strongly recommended that you locate a veterinarian with plenty of Bulldog experience so that your dog is assured the best care for his unique anatomy.  Bulldogs often require c-sections for delivery of their puppies.

The average life span for a Bulldog is 10 years.  Of course, that depends on diet, exercise, health and other factors.  They can live more than or less than 10 years.  Bulldogs are an expensive breed to acquire, the price ranging from $2000-$3000 for a good pet quality dog in most of the USA as of late 2005.  Remember, in most cases you get what you pay for, so beware of those selling Bulldog puppies for a few hundred dollars.  You should also stay
away from people trying to sell "Mini Bulldogs", Bulldogs registered with a foundation you have never heard of, puppymills, pet stores, brokers, and dogs that just don't look like they are Bulldogs.  Show quality dogs could be priced several hundred dollars higher. Also, much depends on how the contract/bill of sale is written. Co-ownership, pet/show quality, or full ownership along with possible puppy (s) back plays a role in the price.  An avergae is around 2,500.00 for a good quality puppy. Remember pedigree, health screening, sire and dam plays
a role in cost as well.

There is the cost to maintain the dog, an expense that will continue for the life of the dog. You could spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars in vet bills, many people never spend any money on vet bills except yearly check ups, but it's possible and you should understand that may be the case. Always start with a good quality healthy puppy with a health guarantee. A great option for the person wanting a Bulldog, but who can't afford a large sum for the initial purchase, would be a rescue Bulldog. There are many local clubs, animals shelters, rescue groups and other organizations that have Bulldogs needing a second chance at life.  Rescue is considered one of the best things you can do for a dog.  When you get your dog, remember to look at the spay/neuter option.  If you plan on this, it's best to have the procedure done by 6 months of age.  However, it can be done reasonably safely at a later point in the dog's life.  The breed is registered with the American Kennel Club simply by the name "Bulldog", though there are many that still refer to the breed as the English Bulldog.  It is not a serious deviation of terms. 

There is no greater joy than being owned by a legendary Bulldog!

So you want to breed your girl and make yourself some money? Please read this first!

English Bulldogs are not an easy breed to raise. English Bulldog puppies are born via C-section and must receive around the clock care for the first three weeks of life. My English Bulldog puppies are some times bottle fed since some mothers have little or no milk. English Bulldog momma's will often lay on puppies while nursing so have to be watched carefully at all times. If provided with the proper food, medical care, and vaccinations up until 8 weeks old, the breeder invests a lot of time and money in the litter. If you add the cost of stud service, shipping the semen, etc. it gets quite expensive. If you want a healthy well bred puppy, properly socialized, and given vaccines on scheduled intervals then do not try to find the cheapest pup possible. You may end up spending more on vet bills than you paid for the puppy.

You may say, "I only want a pet," or "I don't need papers" or "It doesn't matter where I get an English Bulldog as long as it is in my price range." Many people have made this mistake only to regret it later on. Reputable breeders are breeding for betterment of the breed not to make a profit selling as many pups as possible. Yes, it does matter who the parents are. Where do you think your puppy gets looks, temperament and health? Look at the parents... if you don't like them chances are you won't like the puppy when its grown. Indiscriminate breeding produces health and temperament problems. You think the breeder doesn't matter? Who do you think plans the breeding, cares for the pups, provides food and medical care?

"Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative! "
Mordecai Siegal

If you choose a Bulldog breeder that has one motivation - money - he or she is going to buy the cheapest English Bulldogs they can find to breed, regardless of family history of health or temperament problems or how good they look according to the breed standard. Most don't know or care of the family history behind the dogs they are breeding, nor do they know or understand the breed standard. They are going to cut corners on food and health care, and one of the most important things of all - LOVE. Pups that are ignored and not played with and socialized do not make the best pets not to mention the potential problems if raised in a filthy environment. Breeder experience is invaluable to you after you buy a puppy. Choose your puppy and breeder wisely.

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