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Hi!  I'm glad the pictures arrived.  She's doing great, and we're just crazy about her.  I've already wrapped her "bones" for Christmas.
I think Abbey still has a lot of puppy in her yet.  She still likes to play, play, play when I get home from work, and she brings me all of her toys.  Santa brought her plenty of treats and new chew toys, too, so she's pretty happy.    Have a Happy New Year.  
Abbey sends her tail wags.

Lorraine in Oak Forest, IL

Abbey passed away 2015 at the age of 11


Lilly is doing just fine. She is as mischievious as ever.  We now have a large fenced in backyard where Lilly spends most of her day in and out chasing squirrels. She's way too slow to ever catch one so I'm not too worried. I just have to teach her to close the door after her now that it's getting pretty cold out there. 
About three weeks ago I fell down a couple of the stairs into the basement, while trying to do laundry. Miss Lilly was down there in a heartbeat. I was really proud of her!

I have tons more pictures to send to you I just have to get them onto the computer, but as soon as I do I will send you a bunch.
With Love,
Dawn, David, Ashlynn and of course sweet Miss Lilly!

Mindy Lou

Linda, Thank-you so much for the nice Thanksgiving wishes. I hope your Thanksgiving is a good one. Mindy is doing great. We're cooking a big Turkey and all the goodies. Mindy will get some turkey,too ! We are Thankful to have met such a nice person in you and have a new fur baby member of our family ! She has her own routine set. It's cute to watch her when we take her out. She walks the same trail to the back yard. And barks when she's ready to come back in.  She is at home here. She adjusted so well.  She mostly lays around and takes it easy. She likes the kids.  She is so cute. We are really enjoying her. I am anxious for summer so we can walk her at the park.The boys are always talking about Rainbow Bridge ! They'll come up and ask me if different pet is waiting for them at Rainbow Bridge. Thank-You for sharing that with them. It has helped them deal with pets they have lost. I still haven't sent you the picture of Mindy and Allen . I will get it to you soon. I promise !
Have a Happy Thanksgiving !! Debbie


Spike was surrendered after having one owner for 8 yrs, due to economy and change of job there was no choice but to find Spike a new home. Spike was just a big ole teddy bear with lots of love and needed a forever home which he found with the owner and President of Canine Accademy, a dog trainer who had lost her bulldog 9 mo ago. She only takes rescues. She fell in love with Spike and took him home to live with her forever. He will be helping his new person rehabilitate other rescues...Go Spike...another happy ending. 8/2010