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Breeder reserves right to take pick of litter.




Arabella SOLD


Female Savannah SOLD





Dottie and Titan


Male Bandit 01/27/2017


Male Mickey 01/27/2017



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General Pricing

Generally my puppies start at $2000 but can vary and go as high as $4000.00 on specific litters or puppies, many factors are considered when pricing, such as time and investment including  quality and conformation of the parents, costs of delivery of the puppies and the quality of each puppy. Time is a big investment, all our puppies are hand fed by ourselves by bottle and/or off the mother starting at two hour intervals and increasing slowly with age, generally they will be weaned off the mother around 4- 6 weeks of age, all puppies receive proper sanitary conditions and socialization. Each puppy is handled in a different way according to their shape and size, during the early walking stage individual care is given to each puppy, special care is extremely important and is given to all puppies so that proper leg formation is received. We breed only English Bulldog with good conformation and during the first 8 weeks of growth of a new puppy certain conditions, environment and proper care is essential.



Occasionally, I have puppies for sale, both show quality and pet quality. 

All pups sold with limited registraton   
unless previously agreed upon!!!

I strive to produce show prospects and inquiries for

show pups are always welcome.



You can be put on a waiting list when there is an upcomming litter.   A deposit of $250.00 will be needed to guarantee you a pick.  Remainder of balance due at time of pick-up, no less than 8 weeks of age .



Please remember that buying a puppy is an

investment not only of money, but of time, love and

affection. Finding a responsible breeder can mean the

difference between finding the happiness in a warm

puppy we all dream of, and a potential nightmare.

I have a set of standards, as a breeder, that I believe in.

A breeder should not place a puppy merely to make a

sale, but to complete the family with a loving, healthy,

reliable companion.

Please research the breed that interests you to be

certain the dog will be compatible with your lifestyle.

For some breeds, you may have to be on a waiting list

for up to a year. Other breeds are available almost

anytime. Choose a breeder as carefully as you choose

the puppy will pay off in the end.

Best wishes on your new puppy! May your puppy bring

only love and joy in to your life!

Please spay or neuter your pets. Thanks.