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Stud Service Agreement & General Infomation

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Each of my Puppies  Vet. Cleared before going to new homes no less than 8 wks. of age. 
 Occasionally I have litters that are both show and pet qualities.  My puppies sold for pet only are sold with limited registration and a contract to spay or neuter (unless previously agreed upon). This is my contribution to over population while still providing a healthy companion.
You can be put on a waiting list when there is an upcomming litter.   A deposit of $250. will be needed and pick will be in order of deposit received. Pick will start appx.  6 wks old and remainder of balance due at time of pick-up, at 8-10 weeks of age or Vet. health approved no sooner than 8 weeks of age.
Pups may be seen after first shots at 6 wks and a deposit put down. 8-10 wks may go home with Vet. approval.

I like to keep in  contact with all of my puppy homes and talk regularly to follow up on health or behavioral concerns. After all, the majority of Bulldogs become much-loved family pets and favored companions. As Reputable Breeders, it's of the utmost importance that we are aware of the health, temperament, and physical conformation of *every* Bulldog we produce, not only the *show* dogs but family companions.

I provide stud service to approved AKC females only. Must show physically approved by their Vet.
Owner of females must read and sign a stud agreement.

Health Issues
 Be aware that the Bulldog Breed of dog, may have high maintenance or may have extensive medical care and expense in its lifetime.  One must be aware and prepared for that, or opt, at this time, not to own any Bulldog

The following items are to disclose health problems known to exist in the Bulldog Breed that are not hereditary. They are widely known to have: Throat (elongated Pallet), nose, ear, eye, trachea, allergy, skin, breathing, heat intolerance, hip and spine problems, amongst other less prominent genetic, not hereditary problems and defects that are too often undetectable by the breeder or the examining veterinarian at time of birth.  Just a few maintenance issues to be aware of .....The extensive wrinkles build up moisture, dirt, grime and bacteria.  This must be cleaned daily to prevent infections and stains.  Many bulldogs have tight and screw tails.  This is the same concept as the wrinkles but can also trap fecal matter.  Some need to be cleaned several times a day or will become infected, painful and could need to be amputated if that happens.  Bulldogs must also be kept cool and not allowed to overheat.  

Please do research before purchasing a Bulldog!  These health problems are very serious but most can be prevented by finding a responsible breeder who has bred the unhealthy traits out of their lines.

Bulldogs are very sensitive to heat and very hard to cool down if overheated.   Bulldog owners need to be ever so careful about walking  Bulldogs; to make certain the distance is tolerable, enjoyable and does not threaten the well being. Only walk a Bulldog during the coolest time of the 24-hour day. NEVER leave a Bulldog in a vehicle without the air conditioning operating to keep the dog cool… The Bulldog, if left unattended without the air conditioning operating, can overheat in 2 or 3 minutes, faster than any other breed with fatal results.

BULLDOGS CANNOT SWIM. BE AWARE OF POOLS AND WATER OF ANY DEPTH.   Bulldogs are like two year old children for the rest of their lives. Please treat them as so!  Fence off your swimming pools, ponds or any pools of water so the dog can not get to them!  Never leave them unattended near any pools of water.


  1. Bulldogs must be maintained with normal and adequate veterinary care.
  2. Bulldogs should NOT be sold through a pet store, Foreign Country Exporter/Importer, or retail establishment. 
  3. Bulldogs are never to be neglected of love, attention, training, proper medical and nutritional care.